What are the Terrible Twos?

Pediatricians and other parents often discussed this term “terrible twos”. What is this all about? Terrible twos is a natural developmental stage in children in which a toddler can typically bounce between the desire for independence and the trust on adults. It is characterized by challenging behaviours like kicking, hitting, biting or ignoring rules. This is the stage that most toddlers will go through to varying degrees.

Although annoying and exhausting, the terrible twos are the usual stage for your child that you need to undergo, and this is the sign that your toddler is now achieving major developmental milestones. This is the stage when they are better at talking, jumping, walking and being understood. But still, they don’t know what is safe and harmful for them, so it is always best to keep an eye on them and build boundaries.


While there’s no specific list of the signs, these common clues can lead you to the truth that your child has reached the terrible twos stage.

  • Getting frustrated when their wants and wishes aren’t fully understood.

This is a common cause for every child’s tantrums when you can’t read their minds. For example, he may want food, only to break down because you gave it to him in a small amount. Once toddlers can easily communicate their needs better, the tantrums will start to retreat.

  • Biting, hitting and kicking.

Toddlers often lash out physically because they may not find the word to express themselves, and because they are still developing impulse control. This sign is quite annoying and needs proper guidance from parents. This kind of behaviour needs to be handled carefully and consistently can stop.

  • Tantrums

Wailing, crying, making some noise and throwing themselves on the floors are the usual terrible twos tantrums, a tangible indication of your child’s developmental phasing.

  • Saying NO

When they learn how to say no at all times, even it doesn’t make sense in the situation, and even when they are not right. Toddlers tend to make use of this word while testing boundaries and learning the power of words. But then, you should guide them, especially when the scenario is between you tolerating them or accepting their name.

  • Territorial Fighting

At this stage, your toddlers are exploring and learning the concept of possession, hence, saying “mine” is their motto. With that, they are becoming more territorial and pick fights with parents and people who take what they think as theirs.

Terrible twos is an exhausting stage for your child yet a fulfilling one when you overcome the process. You can’t skip your child’s development, so take a deep breath. Coming up with strategies and listing ideas on how to deal with it properly is advised.

It might be unpleasant all the time, but here’s a helpful tip: The less upset you get, the quicker the storm will last. Always try to communicate with your child’s frustration and be patient. At the end of the tiring day, remind yourself what pretty much every parent who had a toddler at home: Tantrums are always reasonable.